As of September 2010, is currently dormant, and will likely remain so for the foreseeable future. There are plans, however, to update the site to include at least a modicum of interactivity with other deep house websites.

Looking for mixes? Do a Google search! There are still plenty of sites that contain links to Roxnadz mixes.


Here are some links to get you started:

Altered Moods Recordings - Roxnadz's deep house, techno and ambient label. Featuring artists from all around the world, very active and very much into vinyl. Check it out! >>>

Estimulo Show - Yep, Roxy's still spinning - and you can find him beating it up live on the internet about once a month. Go there for the schedule >>>

DeepRhythms - Still going strong after all these years. One of these days Rox is gonna do another guest mix! :D >>>

More links soon...


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